Marchmount #2

Marchmont would be the name given to three of Annie MacPherson's  homes in Bellville. Two which were destroyed by fire. Robbie Grey, a six year old child brought to Canada just months prior would perish in the  January 1872 fire which took the first home. Following the fire the second Marchmont home was established on another street, Kingston Road,  in Bellville. This home would also burn. A third would be built on it site.

"BELLEVILLE, January 29, 1872. 

Marchmont was the first home Annie had in Canada, Knowlton was second to  be established in 1872. Also at this time a home in Galt (now Cambridge, Ontario) was established. The Galt home was called "Blair Athol".  A photo of Blair Athol can be found at: Young Immigrants to Canada. Marchmount would be supervised for about 30 years by Ellen Bilborough, Annie's sisters Rachel Merry and Louisa Birt would supervise Knowlton and the Galt Farm. Knowlton was a small, remote Quebec village in the Eastern Townships. In 1877 she turned the Knowlton home over to her sister Louisa Birt. In 1915 the Knowlton home closed and Mrs. Birt would move her work to the then Stratford home of her sister. Stratford Home closed in 1920 and the work was then moved to Marchmount in Bellville.  

Dr. Barnardo would use the receiving homes of Annie MacPherson for 10 years until 1882 when he established his first home, Hazelbrae, in Peterborough, Ontario - deterred till then by the bad press and the restrictions which were placed following the publication of the Andrew Doyle report of 1875. 

William Quarrier also used these receiving homes for fifteen years before he opened the Fairknowe Home in Brockville, Ontario in 1887. 

Marchmount would also receive children from Mrs. Blaikies Emigration House in Edinburgh. May 11 1889 saw 16 of Mrs.Blaikies children arrive, including: Sarah Adamson, Flora Cuthbert, Lizzie Cuthbert, Mabel Grant, Agnes Lubin, Catherine McGill, Alice Moss, Alice Rutherford, Jane Rutherford, Jane Stewart, Rosana Stewart, Thomas Watson and Nellie Wright. 3 names were not legible. June 3 1890's party included Jane Alexander, Alice Dunnet, Margaret Edie, Agnes Mathieson, Alice McPhail, Joan McPhail, Agnes Merrilles, Mary Merrilles, Janet Muir, Annie Strachan and Jane Thomson.